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Abemec is a specialized agricultural machinery company for the Netherlands with 23 branches, providing customized mechanization solutions for livestock farmers, arable farmers, horticulturists, fruit growers, and contractors. Abemec is a part of Agrimec Holding, a company dedicated to tailor-made mechanization for professional agricultural entrepreneurs.

Abemec offers a wide range of top brands, including Fendt tractors until the end of 2019. With the expansion to the Fendt Full Line program, Agrimec established a new sales organization under the name Agromec. Agromec is the first agricultural machinery company in the Netherlands with multiple branches entirely focused on the Fendt Full Line program: www.fendtfarming.nl.

In 2003, we developed the brand positioning "Continuously in Motion," which Abemec successfully pursued. In 2019, we created the positioning "Customized Mechanization" for Abemec and the unique concept "Fendt Farming" for Agromec. Currently, we provide support to Abemec and Agromec in the areas of video production and online marketing.

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Hans Quint

CEO Abemec/Agromec

Floor Hermans
Communications officer Abemec/Agromec