Stef Beerens - Matthijs van der Made

I grew up on a farm with dairy cattle and meat pigs. That's why I can relate well to the emotions and choices of people in the agriculture sector. When I started working as a marketer for that industry in 1994, it felt like a natural choice.

With the knowledge and experience I've gained, I know I can make companies more successful. It gives me a great sense of satisfaction when our clients can establish themselves as strong international brands and, as a result, grow. You can describe me as an analytically driven creative with the ambition to achieve the highest possible. I don't aim for a 10, but for an 11. Coincidentally, that happens to be my lucky number.

What I love most about agriculture? The mechanization. As a child, I always had a rivalry with my two brothers over who got to drive the tractor. Most of the time, I won. Tractor driving is still my biggest hobby. I often drive a modern Fendt tractor for a contractor in our village.